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QR Code Keychains - Fleet Services

QR Codes have typically been used for mass marketing. Once the web link is broken, the

QR code is no longer of use. Our Fleet Services offers a "ghost site", so your link will be

useful and your QR code reusable.

Our products and services will reduce the amount money spent on paper, toner and time going back and forth to the printer. Less paper also reduces your carbon footprint.

We offer 3 options, Self Serve Option (you deal with the codes), our Basic Package, which offers

a basic view of the vehicle and our Platinum Package, which offers a detailed description of the vehicle. Each of these packages come with a link that goes directly to the corresponding page on your website. 

Our site is hosted by WIX, which recently partnered with Google. This means, the more clicks from our site, the more your website ranking improves in Google.

Spend less time on the pitch and more time closing the sale. Our plans can been seen by clicking the button below.

QR Code Keychains Fleet Services
QR Code Keychains
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