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QR Code Keychains
Many times, I forgot my business cards when I needed them most. Introducing the "QR Keychain". Your business card, on your keychain! Never lose the opportunity to engage a customer.

  • Keys are typically more accessible than business cards.

  • Unlike tap options (mobile phones), this brings prospective clients right to your website. No more wasted cards sitting in purses/wallets.

  • Less paper reduces carbon emissions.

  • Fleet Services: Reduce your business card, paper, printing and administrative marketing costs.

  • Fleet Services: Unique and reusable QR Code for your inventory (reduce admin/marketing costs).

  • Fleet Services: Improve your web presence.

The QR keychain works better than a business card. Your potential customer scans your QR Code and rather than the card sitting in their purse or wallet, they are now exactly where you need them. On your website, looking at your business/inventory.

Each QR code is unique to your landing page, so you can save money
on your business card costs!

We offer both Full and Self Service Fleet services for dealerships that prefer to reuse the keychains for an always changing inventory. You can view our pricing plans below.

Our site is a WIX site. With Google recently partnering with WIX, this will assist to increase your personal site web ranking.

QR Code Keychains Fleet Services
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