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The Information You Need, At Your Fingertips!

In construction, having access to the information for the build is vital to ensure the build goes according to plan. From the many years I spent in this field, there were countless times spent and wasted looking for the site prints.

QR Keychains pleased to introduce our new "Prints On Demand" services.

We produce key tags/fobs that have a QR code on the back that directly links tradespersons/installers to the jobsite plans. This means a more efficient and productive crew, and can equate to substantial savings on print costs.

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Setting up/revising tags is simple. Download our set-up guide here.


Set up your account (new submission form here) upload the prints to your exclusive area on our site, and the QR code will do the rest. Once the job is finished, the tag is not! Just go to our revision form on our site and upload the new details and prints for the new job.

In order to update the tag/fob, users must be registered in the system to overwrite the previous information. The original login used to register the tag initially will be required to update the previously registered information.

Monthly subscription is required. Subscription rates start at only  $4.95/month. Contact us today!

**Internet connection at job site is required. Subscription rate includes one link per tag number. Custom site design is available by quote. Terms & conditions apply.

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