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Pre-Use Inspection Forms

Sample Form (Forklift)


Are there any outstanding work orders for this unit that you are aware of?
Forklift Type

Prior to operating this forklift, the daily checklist must be completed by a licensed and qualified operator. Check the items listed below and check each box with the appropriate letter to identify satisfactory operation or condition of item.

For all items checked with “R” for repair, report discrepancy to your general foreman.


S = Satisfactory

R = Repair/Replace (leave comment/photo to describe discrepancy/deficiency)

Engine (Section 1)

1. Fluid Level
2. Belts & pulley tension:
3. Engine compartment free of debris:
4. Hydraulic lines (leaks/condition):

Photos (Section 1 - max 3 images)

5. Hoses (condition):
6. Loose wires/electrical connections:

Body (Section 2)

7. Structural damage:
8. Wheels (wear/tread/damage):
9. Counterweight (free of debris/equip):
10. Roll over protection cage (damage):
11. Masts and forks (hydraulics/pins/loose bolts):

Photos (Section 2 - max 3 images)


Operator Compartment (Section 3)

12. Free of trash/debris:
13. All equipment, materials, and slings are properly stored and secured:
14. Owner’s manual stored in cab:
15. Warning stickers/weight capacity posted:
16. Operator controls (return to neutral position):
17. Seatbelt:
18. Mirrors:
19. Horn:
20: Lights:
21. Back-up alarm:
22. Fire extinguisher:
23. Gauges and instruments (set and operational):
24. Parking brake:

Photos (Section 3 - max 4 images)


Operation (Section 4)

25. Operator is licensed/certified:
26. Steering:
27. Forks (full extension up/down):
28. Side shift (full right and full left inspection):
29. Tilt (up and down):
30. Accelerator/Break pedal (operation):
31. Forklift is street ready: reflective triangle:

Photos (Section 4 - max 3 images)


Propane/Gas Lifts Only (Section 5)

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